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Nerve Pain Treatment

Nerve Pain Treatment

Cupping therapy essentially uses suction on the skin to enhance blood circulation in the body, clear blockages, help relieve muscle pain, remove toxins from the body and ultimately to promote healing. The decrease in sciatic pain was assessed after three sessions of Hijama by numeric pain rating scale there was overall significant reduction in pain. Loss of blood along with vasodilation tends to increase the parasympathetic activity and relaxes the body muscles which benefit the patient and could also be associated with the after effects of cupping.

What are the benefits?

Cupping is a very effective and safe treatment for back pain. Cupping is able to loosen stiff muscles, unblock pinched nerves, and unbind Myofascial adhesions. Cupping is used together with Acupuncture and Massage therapy to increase the muscle relaxing and pain relieving effects of each of these treatments.

Beneficiary list has been shown to:

  • Ultimately Promotes Healing 
  • Removes Toxins from Body
  • Clears Blockages 
  • Enhance Blood Circulation